Welcome to ODA Inspiration Day 2024: Decoding Decisions. The conference focuses on the intersection of technology and decision-making science to make informed, effective choices.

Doors Open
We recommend arriving early to take advantage of the huge network opportunity at Oslo Concert Hall
Session 1
11:30 – 13:00
Main stage
Hosts: Selda Ekiz
With: Guro Sandersen, Leader of ODA Inspiration Day & Kine Dahl, Leader of ODA Network
Video Greeting
Karianne Tung
‘The Status of Gender Equality in Norway and the Future Plans’
Lubna Jaffery
‘The Power and Pitfalls of Human Decision Making in the Tech Era’
Nils Tore Meland
‘Are we tapping into diversity potential in decision making?’
Manav Kumar
13:00 – 14:30
Festival Area | Partner Expo | Lille Sal
Food, Drink, Networking, and Speed Presentations in Lille Sal
Lille Sal
13:30 – 14:15
Lille Sal
Join six ODA Platinum Partners for dynamic speed presentations on ‘Decoding Decisions’ from various perspectives. Limited drop-in spots are available, so bring your meal and arrive early outside Lille Sal to secure your seat.
Session 2
14:30 – 16:15
Main stage
Hosts: Selda Ekiz
ODA Awards
With: Randi Mogerhagen, Leader of ODA Awards & Kine Dahl, Leader of ODA Network
‘From Data to Decisions: How to leverage AI for better health outcomes’
Ishita Barua
‘Descisions That Affect a Whole Country’
Espen Nakstad
‘Summit or Survive: How to Make the Right Decision in Life-or-Death Situations’
Renata Chlumska
Closing Ceremony
16:15 – 16:20
Photo Session Main Stage
Final moments of ODA Inspiration Day 2024 captured from the main stage
16:20 – 18:00
Festival Area
Mingle and music

Disclaimer: ODA Network reserves the right to make changes to the program.

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