ODA Nettverkstreff med Platinumpartner Equinor

Welcome to a digital network meeting with our Platinum partner Equinor!

When: Monday November 23rd, 18:00-20:30
Where: where it suits you best- it’s digital

All participants will receive a link to the event by e-mail. The link will also be posted on odanettverk.no. Minor changes to agenda might occur. Register now!

Diversity and Tech Accelerating a Low Carbon Future

The ODA network’s ambition, shared by Equinor, is to empower women in tech and promote female role models. In Equinor’s network event we aim to use a diverse group of internal and external speakers to highlight the topic of “Diversity and tech accelerating a low carbon future”.

In Equinor we believe diversity is a key enabler for accelerating the energy transition and realising our ambition to become a net-zero energy company by 2050. Join us on the 23rd of November to get a glimpse of why and how Equinor is working with diversity and tech, as we share examples of success stories but also highlight challenges and dilemmas to inspire you beyond the buzz words.

We bring some of Equinor’s best experts and leaders from different parts of the company, to share learnings, inspire & trigger your curiosity.


PART 1 – INTRODUCTION – 30 min (with 5 min Break)
18.00 Welcome by ODA Network
18:02 Equinor, our values and ambition, TBA
18.10 “Diversity in tech” & “low carbon future”, what’s the link and why does it matter?
Åshild Hanne Larsen, SVP IT, COO CIT, Equinor
18.25 Diversity in tech: How do we work to increase it and Why?
Kristine Rønneberg, Lead PL Diversity & Inclusion
18.30 Coffee Break and Choose Tech Room

Path 1: The Future is Remote
18:35-18:55 Floating Offshore Wind
Community, Diversity, Inclusion, Technology, Low Carbon, International
Stine Myhre Selås, Principle Engineer Platform Tech, Equinor
18:55-19:15 “Sniffing” for Methane Emissions
Sensors, drones, NASA, automation,
Andrea Carolina Machado Migues, Manager Project Management, Equinor
19:15-19:30 The Rise of Digital Field Workers IoT (Internet of Things), New Ways of Working, Collaboration, Technology, Low Carbon,
Åshild Bakke Flolid, Leading Engineer
19:30-19:40 Forestify
Satellite images, blockchain technology, transparency, reforestation,
Lupi Love, CEO, Forestify

19:40-19:45 Coffee Break

Path 2: The Future is Digital
18:35-18:55 Cloud – Enabeling the Digital Revolution
Architecting the foundation for a digital future,
Keth Iren Braut, Leading Advisor Cloude, Equinor
18:55-19:15 High Value AI in 6 Weeks from Diversity & Agile Methods
FinTech, Machine Learning, AI, Foster innovation; One team, one dream; Agile methods
Camilla Dybendal, Project Manager, Equinor, Robin Steen, Leader IT and Merete H.Melkvik, Manager IT, Equinor
19:15-19:30 Why Diversity Improves the Successrate in Digital Projects
Diversity, Innovation, methods for diverse teams
Richard Hall, Principle Engineer & Satellite Expert, Equinor
19:30-19:45 How Data Science Help Equinor Understand the Underwater World
BIG Data, New Insight, Data Science, Screening
Ashley Russell, Principle Consultant Management Data, Equinor

Path 3: The Future is Low Carbon
18:35-18:55 Carbon Capture and Storage – A Necessity to Get to Reach a Net-Zero Climate
Oil and gas technologies converted to carbon capture and storage technologies
Torbjørg Klara Fossum, Vice President Marketing & Supply, Low Carbon, Equinor
18:55-19:15 Aiming High, to Go Low (Carbon)
Venture Capital, Cutting Edge Technology, Energy Transition
Fredrik Støa, Investment Manager, Equinor
Siri Hoven, Investment Manager, Equinor
19:15-19:30 Low Carbon Toolbox
Victoria Krohl, Principle Consultant, Equinor
19:30-19:40 Bergen Carbon Solutions
Carbon nanofibers, Innovative Technology, Low Carbon
Ivan F. Eriksen, Carbon solutions

19:40-19:45 Coffee Break

19.45-20.05 Panel Debate
Theme: Diversity and Tech Accelerating a Low Carbon Future
Åshild Hanne Larsen, CIO & SVP IT, Equinor
Kari Holmefjord Vervik, Regiondirektør Rogaland, Innovasjon Norge
Morten Løvstad, CEO, Sogeti
Uma Ranganthan, Senior Leader People and Leadership, Equinor
Christine Brandt Theodorsen, Lead Analyst IT, Equinor

20.05-20:30 Exhibitors Area
Come and meet, network & mingle at our Equinor network day with ODA. This is an interactive event, where you can go to the stand and meet business expertise and leaders from Equinor. You can ask questions in the presentations and you can meet us on stand. There will be about 20 presentations you can listen into. We hope we can share learnings, inspire you and network with you this day! See you at our virtual event 23rd November!

Register now!

All participants will receive a link to the event by e-mail. The link will also be posted on odanettverk.no. Welcome!


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