ODA Awards

Since 2009, ODA Network has awarded ODA Awards to the foremost ambassadors for gender diversity and inclusion in the Norwegian tech industry.

ODA Awards aim to promote diversity, highlight essential contributors from underrepresented groups in tech roles for their unique contributions and impact, as these role models are particularly crucial for inspiring others to Lead the change.

ODA Awards aim to recognize leaders, tech professionals, «everyday heroes,» and organizations for their extraordinary efforts towards increased inclusion and diversity in the industry and within their own organizations. The awards are gender-neutral and reflect the values of the ODA Network: inspiration, bravery, empowerment, and passion.

Categories and criteria

  • ODA Change-maker
    • An «everyday hero» within their company, inspiring their colleagues to lead the change
    • Dedicated to fostering positive development within the organization, yet not necessarily recognized beyond their company
    • Someone to look up to, who may not even realize they serve as a role model.
    • Inspires others by demonstrating courage and confidence
    • Creates hope by showing that achieving the impossible is indeed possible
  • ODA Techie
    • A tech enthusiast by heart, who pioneers in their tech role
    • Tears down walls, challenges established norms in technology development, and emphasizes that progress should reflect the diversity of society.
    • A strong professional, who commits to sharing experiences and expertise, and contributes to positive development
    • Demonstrates strong results achieved within the tech industry
  • ODA Leader
    • An established leader, who acts as a role model and a guiding star​
    • Demonstrates impressive results over an extended period​
    • Recognized in their field of work, and is often used as a speaker and guest in various official and unofficial forums​
    • A visible advocate for diversity and inclusion
  • ODA Champions
    ODA Champions is the organization that empower diversity and inclusion to make a greater change.

    • An organization that has strategically and systematically transformed creating a more sustainable and inclusive environment
    • Demonstrate concrete and documented results over an extended period​
    • Share its experiences with other companies within and outside its own industry​
    • Document how they have utilized diversity and inclusion among employees to generate better solutions for customers and users (internally and/or externally)

Do you have questions about ODA Awards? Please reach out to us at awards@odanettverk.no.

Winners of ODA Awards:

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