CEO Roundtable with Microsoft and Cisco

Thank you to all who attended our CEO Executive Roundtable in September – hosted by ODA Network together with Cisco and Microsoft!


The theme was “AI for Inclusive Innovation” and we had the pleasure of hearing Kristine Dahl Steidel, CEO of Microsoft, and Trine Strømsnes, CEO of Cisco, share their experiences regarding the use of AI in their services and how they incorporate inclusivity into the design and accessibility of their services. We were also introduced to The Diversity Index by Manav Rihel Kumar. The event was brilliantly led by ODA Network’s own Kine Dahl and Kainaat Qaiser Mir.

Event Highlights

🧭 «Navigating AI’s Potential: Decoding CEO Dilemmas» – Gain insights into the challenges that CEOs encounter when harnessing AI’s potential for value creation. According to Abelias Omstillingsbarometer from August 2023, Norway still has some ground to cover in adopting AI, with only 5% of Norwegian knowledge and technology companies actively using AI technology. Only 15% have frameworks for AI utilization, and Norway is behind the other Nordic countries in embracing new technologies.

🌍 «AI’s Role in Fostering Inclusivity: A Catalyst for Innovation» – Discover how AI can revolutionize inclusivity efforts, steering your organization towards uncharted dimensions of success. We exchanged thoughts on how we can harness the power of AI for inclusive innovation, emphasizing cross-sector collaboration, technology in education, and skill development.

🧰 “Using tech to connect diversity to value creation: A must-have tool for all CEOs” – Get acquainted with how you can move D&I efforts to the next level. The discussions brought forth essential AI-related topics, including challenges related to data quality, environmental impact, AI bias, and responsible leadership and maturity.

👩🏽‍🤝‍👨🏼 Together, we also explored how we can unleash the potential of AI for inclusive innovation. We delved into the importance of diversity and collaboration, and we see great value in connecting business, academia, and government to create a sustainable future. With top leaders who dare to think outside the box and individuals who view their uniqueness as a strength, we can truly shape a world where AI changes lives for the better.

🚀 CEO Executive Roundtable – Connect with a distinguished assembly of 50+ Top Executives hailing from diverse industries. Engage in dialogues that will shape the future of inclusive innovation. We will specifically address the following questions:

  • How can we together unleash the Power of AI for Inclusive Innovation?
  • What are the dilemmas that CEOs encounter when extracting value from AI and machine learning?
  • Can AI contribute to realizing the value of diversity?

Want to know more about how ODA Network works with executive commitment? Reach out to us by executive@odanettverk.no.


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