ODA Award Man 2021 Finalists

Each year ODA-Nettverk awards dedicated work supporting the promotion of gender equality and diversity in the tech industry. The ODA Award Man award will be presented for the 4th time this year. The winner will be announced at the digital Inspiration Day on 7 May. The finalists are:

Candidate 1: Arne Mjøs | Itera

Arne Mjøs is an inspiring and visible contributor to diversity. As the founder and CEO of Itera, he has been clear on his ambitions for gender balance. The results of these ambitions have been an increase in the proportion of women in the management team in Itera from 33% to 50%, and that the company has put in place a separate framework for how to work with diversity and inclusion. Furthermore, Arne has contributed to Itera participating in the SHE Index, where the company’s diversity, gender balance in leadership roles, and equal pay are measured and published.

Arne is a generous and inclusive leader, and everyone in the company just calls him Arne. He is open and seeks diversity among those he surrounds himself with.

Candidate 2: Dagfinn Ringås | SYSCO

Dagfinn Ringås is an active role model for gender equality. As CEO of SYSCO, he has defined clear strategic KPIs for diversity. He raises the issue in management meetings to ensure that it is a priority in operations and recruitment. The result of this effort is that women so far make up 60% of the new employees in 2021 and that he has increased the proportion of women in top management from 0% to 43%. Dagfinn has been an advocate for diversity for more than a decade. He has been a visible leader raising awareness for diversity, especially to influence his male executives.

Dagfinn excels at taking responsibility for making a difference to lead the change. He leads with heart and mind.

Candidate 3: Henrik Holck-Clausen | Schneider Electric

Henrik Holck-Clausen has used his position as HR Director to actively put diversity and inclusion on the agenda in Schneider Electric Norway. Henrik uses every opportunity to promote inclusion and challenge his organization and industry. His ambition is to reach 40% female employees, something they are approaching after going from 14% to 30% women since 2016.

Henrik has a genuine commitment to diversity and has taken on the role of «lead the change» in his own company and a male-dominated industry. He dares to take the chance on untraditional profiles because he believes that diversity makes Schneider Electric a better company.

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