ODA Award Organization 2021 Finalists

Each year ODA-Nettverk awards dedicated work supporting the promotion of gender equality and diversity in the tech industry. The ODA Award Organization award will be given for the ninth time this year. The winner will be announced at the digital Inspiration Day on 7 May. The finalists are:

Candidate 1: Accenture

Accenture works systematically to create a workplace where everyone is valued for their differences, and for everyone to have equal opportunities to succeed. Based on the fact that «Talent is equally distributed, opportunities are not», Accenture highlights under-represented groups. Accenture has a rich cultural diversity in their company, more than 100 certified Mental Health Allies and plays a key role in the “network for LGBT+ in the workplace”. Accenture has achieved a gender balance of 40% and more than 30% on most levels  of management in the organization. Through regular D&I reviews, leadership development programs and unconscious bias training of all employees they are a role model for other organizations.

Accenture have shared D&I experiences through almost 100 presentations and podcasts, inspiring other organizations to create a more inclusive industry.

Candidate 2: EY

Over the last 10 years, EY has transformed to a diverse workforce with colleagues from over 30 nationalities, spanning from age 22 – 70 years and with backgrounds from over 200 different educational institutions. They have now achieved 50/50 on gender equality. Through internships, mentoring and CSR programs, EY contributes to a diversity of young and experienced talent being developed based on lifelong learning principles. Initiatives such as Women Fast Forward, SHE Index powered by EY, ODA / MAK CEO pledge, and the Corporate Finance Woman of the Year competition, EY helps to focus on diversity and inclusion in a way that has ripple effects for the industry as a whole.

To achieve EY’s vision of «Building a better working world», they work daily to build diverse teams and create an inclusive industry.

Candidate 3: Sarepta Studio

Sarepta Studio is an indie game studio, which has achieved international recognition for their games. Being part of a traditionally male industry, they have succeeded in building a diverse team from the start, inspiring other start-ups in the gaming space. Sarepta Studio is an important role model for leading the change for a more diverse gaming industry world wide. Sarepta Studio’s CEO, Catharina Due Bøhler, is also awarded Tech Role Model in the Category Game Design.

Sarepta studio stands out by being a role model for entrepreneurial and technology companies in the early stages. They want to create good gaming experiences for everyone and believe diversity is the key to creating good products.

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