Frokostseminar med Gullpartner If

This ODA breakfast seminar with gold partner If Insurance was attended by 99 participants.

What happens when you get stuck on your journey in the future? 

Last week If Insurance shared a glimpse in to the future of mobility, how the industry is changing, what the technical frontrunners will do to get your where you planned to go. Also how these changes will impact our everyday life, the possibilities with new vehicle technology and data exchange as well as the process of creating apps for Android Automotive. During the talk we heard some of the learnings from early adopters such as Polestars (that was first in the world with a insure car app that was just released).

Regine Larsen, Head of Market Strategy at If, shared some of our customer behaviors today, concepts such as mobility as a service, ecosystem power shifts and the new players of mobility, ADAS/AI and embedded solutions.

One of embedded solutions that have just been released is the in-car app of Polestar. Jesper Palm, Digital Innovation Developer at If, and Sebastian Pukki, Senior Software Engineer at Volvia, shared a look behind the development of the app that was first in the world. What they learned, what went well and how to learn from ones mistakes. They also shared the application architecture of the app, what made the app flexible and the flow of the data with the help of Databricks, SQL servers and APIs.

Many thanks to our Gullpartner If for an inspiring start to the day!


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