Make sure you have a verified ODA-Nettverk membership

You need to be registered in the odaportal.no to be able to book a ticket to ODA Inspiration Day, May 20. The tickets are released April 20, and the capacity at Oslo Concert Hall is 1400 people, so make sure to register & activate your profile at odaportal.no well ahead of time! We recommend everyone to check if they have an active membership by logging into the odaportal.no now. 

A lot of members register with their work e-mail adresse, and forget to change their adresse in the portal. Below you’ll find a quick guide for the registration and activation process. Be aware that there is two step process and that you need to confirm your membership after we have approved your request.

Quick guide to register as a member in ODA-Nettverk: 

  1. Go to odaportal.no
  2. Click “Bli medlem” in top right corner
  3. Fill in basic information about yourself (Tip! Use your personal email and not work email, if you want to make sure you’re still a member when changing job.)
  4. A message is shown on the screen, to confirm that your request has been sent to us. OBS! The registration process is not finished yet! Make sure to check your e-mail the following days for the confirmation e-mail to finish the process.
  5. Check your inbox for this e-mail confirmation, and click the link to complete the registration process (check your spam folder if you haven’t received the confirmation by 3 days).
  6. Fill in the rest of the information required and complete the registration by confirming with the LOGG INN-button

Now you’re all set to register for ODA-Nettverk events!


ODA er Nordens ledende nettverk for mangfold i teknologi. ODA har mer enn 10.000 medlemmer med aktiviteter i Oslo, Bergen, Innlandet, Sør-Vest og Trondheim, og over 80 partnere. ODA har siden 2005 inspirert og bidratt gjennom større kjønnsmangfold til bedre beslutninger og løsninger for virksomheter og samfunn.

Har du spørsmål, ta kontakt med oss på info@odanettverk.no