Jeremy White is coming to ODA Inspiration Day 2023

Jeremy White is the Senior Innovation Editor at WIRED magazine. With his finger on the pulse of the latest technology trends, Jeremy covers everything from AI to cybersecurity, and has a special passion for the power of design. You might have seen him on BBC or Sky, or read his articles in the Telegraph, where he writes about all things gadget-related.

Jeremy White is the Senior Innovation Editor at technology and innovation magazine WIRED, covering a wide range of areas from AI to cybersecurity. Jeremy previously served as the magazine’s Product Editor and Executive Editor, where he was responsible for their coverage of all manner of physical products, from smarthome hubs to cars, footwear to phones, drones to interior design.

As well as writing and editing, Jeremy also consults directly with a wide range of businesses delivering an outside perspective on the latest developments and how products might better be designed. He looks at the very latest in intelligent industrial design and product innovation. By considering how companies create new products, where they get it wrong and right, how technology is applied well and poorly, he helps companies and individuals to understand innovative thinking, how they can adopt it, and how their lives and businesses might change.

Jeremy also examines the effect new innovations will have on businesses more broadly. From the embedding of AI in almost every product possible to the future of voice control, quantum computing and the interconnection of everything. He looks at the unexpected ways new developments are changing established markets and industries with good design, a focus on the user, and only using technology when it adds value. He speaks about how car manufacturers now consider electronics shows more important than motor shows and how the makers of smart appliances sometimes add connectivity with no real purpose.

Passionate about the power of design, Jeremy looks at the very latest breakthroughs in design and user interfaces. He considers what these shifts mean and what an organisation can learn about future threats and opportunities as well as how to improve their own offerings.

As well as leading WIRED’s coverage of innovative products and their position on new releases, Jeremy has also compiled their GEAR product supplements, and the product showcases at the acclaimed WIRED live events. He has also written for the Telegraph on all things gadget related and previously worked for the FT and Esquire magazine. He’s a regular commentator on BBC and Sky and has worked with the Design Museum’s Designs of the Year awards.

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