Sophia Adampour is coming to ODA Inspiration Day 2023

Sophia Adampour is a NFT entrepreneur and one of the founders of ‘verse gallery, the Nordics first physical NFT gallery, also known as crypto art. Sophia has spoken at the world’s leading conferences such as NFT.NYC and ETHDenver, and is involved in a number of NFT projects as a strategist and as an advisor.

Sophia has studied at the prestigious Berkley University in the USA and the Institut National Scientifique Appliqué in Toulouse in France,

And although she is used to being the youngest voice in the room, she has always taken a seat at the table and dared to stick her nose out and say something. Sophia represents marginalised voices as a young female founder with a minority background.

In a short time, Sophia has held events and presentations for Sparebank1 where the CEO of both Finans Norge and Finanstilsynet were participants, and not least the CEO of SpareBank 1.
She has also held an event for one of the world’s largest technology companies, Samsung, in the gallery where the company’s Norwegian manager was also present.

Sophia is well-acquainted with giving lectures and in addition to sitting for 2 years on the UN association’s youth panel, she has given a TEDx lecture on costs related to nuclear weapons. She also has experience as a debate leader during Arendal Week 2021, where the debate participants were Red Cross Norway, law firm Hjort and NORAD.

Proving time and time again that age is not a limitation, Sophia is now offering her knowledge to help your business or organisation enter the digital world, bringing a unique perspective as she belongs to the younger generation who make up tomorrow’s leaders.

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