Espen Nakstad is coming to ODA Inspiration Day 2024

Espen Rostrup Nakstad is the Assistant Director at Helsedirektoratet. He holds a PhD in intensive care medicine from the University of Oslo and is a specialist in internal medicine and lung diseases. Additionally, Nakstad is a trained lawyer with leadership education from both abroad and the National Top Management Program.

In recent years, he has led the National Treatment Service for CBRNE Medicine (CBRNE Centre) at Akuttmedisinsk avdeling (the Department of Emergency Medicine), Oslo University Hospital, and has served as the Chief Medical Officer of CBRNE Medicine for the Defense Forces.

Nakstad has also represented Norwegian authorities in the NATO Joint Health Agriculture and Food Group (JHAFG) and has played a central role in the development of professional guidelines in health preparedness domestically. He was also highly visible and instrumental during the COVID-19 pandemic, serving as a key figure in both the national response and public communication efforts.

We are thrilled to announce that Espen Rostrup Nakstad will be speaking at ODA Inspiration Day 2024, taking place on June 6th at the Oslo Concert Hall and online.

For more details and registration, visit ODA Inspiration Day 2024 >


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