Flynn Coleman – Foredragsholder Inspirasjonsdagen 2020

Foto: Manuel Bueno

Foredrag: A Human Algorithm: How AI is Redefining Who We Are

The Age of Intelligent Machines is upon us, and Flynn examines the immense impact intelligent technology will have on humanity and how we can thrive as we move into our brave new world. The proliferation of fast-moving technologies have the potential to transform how we work, our health and well-being, alleviate poverty and suffering, and reveal the mysteries of intelligence and consciousness. In this talk based on her book, Flynn shares her insights on AI’s potential, inviting a diverse group of voices to participate in designing our intelligent machines so we instill values, ethics, and morals into our robots, algorithms, and other forms of AI. You will understand the importance of building a more humane future and moving conscientiously into a new frontier of their own design.

International Human Rights Attorney, Social Innovator, Author

Flynn Coleman is a writer, international human rights attorney, public speaker, professor, Harvard fellow, and social innovator. She has worked with the United Nations, the United States federal government, and international corporations and human rights organizations around the world. Flynn has written extensively on issues of global citizenship, the future of work and purpose, emerging technologies, humanitarian issues, and much more.

Flynn is the author of the book, A Human Algorithm (October 2019), a groundbreaking narrative on the urgency of ethically designed AI and a guidebook to reimagining life in the era of intelligent technology. Flynn holds a BSFS from Georgetown University, a JD from UC Berkeley School of Law, and an LLM from the London School of Economics and Political Science. She has also studied in many different Universities around the world.

A native of Los Angeles, Flynn has lived in France, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Italy, Hong Kong, Fiji, Cambodia, Senegal, the Netherlands, and Chile. She currently calls New York home. She speaks five languages, and her wanderings have taken her to many adventures across the globe.

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