ODA Award Organization 2022 Finalists

Each year ODA-Nettverk awards dedicated work supporting the promotion of gender equality and diversity in the tech industry. The ODA Award Organization award will be given for the tenth time this year. The winner will be announced at the Inspiration Day on the 20th of May. The finalists are:

Candidate 1: IBM Norway

IBM Norway has increased their proportion of women from 16% to 24% over the last five years. In the same period, out of all employees hired in the company 30,5 % were females. In most levels of management, 40% of leadership positions are held by females.

“Women in IBM” has been founded to inspire and encourage women within the organization to lead the change and be role models, also beyond their own workplace. Through mentor and rotational programs, leadership development and coaching, IBM Norway seek to continuous inspire for a diverse and inclusive industry.

IBM Norway believe diversity and inclusion is imperative for the health of their business and our society. Therefore, they have worked purposefully to become more open to partnership, ideas and innovation than ever before.

Candidate 2: Link Utvikling

Link Utvikling is owned and run by two young women! Both at physical events and on social media, Link Utvikling actively promotes women in tech as well as young workers. The company has, through JobLoops platform «Kodehode» (Codehead) and NAVs program «Arbeidstrening» given young individuals, who have dropped out of work and education, the opportunity to gain competence and work experience within tech.

The organization is nominated to “Mulighetsprisen” (The Opportunity Award) by Bergen Business Council and Deloitte, precisely because they are a role model in diversity and inclusion, and for their innovation project «Kulturjakten» (Culturehunt) with Bergen Kommune.

Despite the company´s short life span, Link Utvikling has grown and helped many who are disadvantaged in the labor market. Their clear aim to increase inclusion through innovation projects is truly inspiring.

Candidate 3: Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric has, within a traditional and male dominated industry, set diversity and inclusion as their core values. From 2016 they have managed to increase the proportion of women from 16% to 30%, and kept it stable. In 2019 Schneider Electric got their first female CEO. The company can now refer to a top management team with a 40% share of women and 30% women in management positions.

For the third year in a row, Schneider has been acknowledged as Diversity Leader in the Financial Times. The company is also included on Bloombergs Gender Equity diversity index for the fifth time. Schneider Electric in Norway has been a partner with ODA Network since 2019. They have recently joint partnership with Diversitas, a leading network for women in the construction industry, to make a change for a more diverse industry, still being male dominated.

Schneider emerges as a role model both locally and globally and contributes to creating change in a traditional industry.

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