ODA Award Woman 2022 Finalists

Each year ODA-Nettverk awards dedicated work supporting the promotion of gender equality and diversity in the tech industry. The ODA Award Woman award will be given for the fourteenth time this year. The winner will be announced at the Inspiration Day on the 20th of May. The finalists are:

Candidate 1: Cecilia Flatum | Deloitte

Cecilia Flatum is Managing Partner and Head of Deloitte Consulting, and has worked to promote diversity, equality and inclusion for almost 20 years. At Deloitte, she has Introduced ambitious KPIs and implemented actions on diversity and inclusion in all parts of the organization. The share of female partners and directors has increased under Cecilia’s management, and the management team now consist of 50% women.

Through debates, podcasts, lectures and her own blog, Cecilia has used her voice to be an advocate for the benefits of diversity. In addition to gender balance, Cecilia is also highly committed to PRIDE and minority women’s rights. She is described as a role model with a unique passion for creating a workplace and a society where everyone feels free to be exactly who they are.

Cecilia challenges established truths and is not afraid to take action to move society in the right direction.

Candidate 2: Christin Bøsterud | EY

Christin Bøsterud has throughout her career been one of few women in arenas dominated by men. As Managing partner and CEO of EY, Christin has been a visible role model both within and outside her own organization.

Christin has even launched an app for her management team. Through a 30-day program the management team must complete a series of exercises to increase their ability to reflect and to better safeguard diversity and inclusion. She is also the woman behind EY Hybrid Workplace, where employees in collaboration with their teams choose the time and place for work depending on their own life situation.

Through her dedicated commitment, a number of initiatives and fearless attitude, Christin helps to motivate the business community to push boundaries and move forward in the work of equality and diversity.

Candidate 3: Tahani Siddik Berge | Bitmesh AS

Tahani Siddik Berge is the Founder and CEO of Bitmesh AS, a technology company focused on rapid IoT application development. Gender balance is achieved at Bitmesh, with three female and three male engineers. Two of the women also have a minority background.

Tahani came to Norway as a refugee from Iraq at age thirteen, and has graduated from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) with a Master of Science in Engineering. She is described as fearless when it comes to technology and inspires a wide range of people through her work. When invited to podcasts and conferences, Tahani´s excitement always shines through.

Her ability to find solutions for the greater good is truly inspiring. One cannot meet Tahani without being inspired and feeling empowered.

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