Fireside with Siri Børsum and partners

We invite all ODA members to log into the ODA Portal today and warm up to Inspiration Day with a Fireside chat hosted by Siri Børsum!

Siri meets with Sara Bergman, a Senior Software Engineer from Microsoft to discuss the topics of Tech Ctrl, CPUs, Green Software, Carbon footprint and the link between technology and the climate problem.

Siri also meets with Christin Bøsterud, the CEO of EY Norway on the topics Tech Ctrl, Leadership, Sustainability, and the importance of getting into the board rooms.

About the speakers

Siri Børsum is a digital business and media executive with long experience working in the Norwegian market for global organizations such as Google and Huawei. She was awarded the top 50 most influential women in tech in 2021.

Sara Bergman is a Software Engineer at Microent Cesoft Developmnter Norway, working in a team which owns several backend APIs powering people experiences in the Microsoft eco-system. She is an advocate for green software practices at MDCN and M365. She is a member of the Green Software Foundation and a chair of the Writer’s project which is curating and creating written articles on the Green Software Foundation website and the newsletter. When not working you’ll most likely find her hiking or trying to figure out how to grow chilies in sub-zero temperatures.

Christin Bøsterud has been CEO of Ernst & Young AS since December 2018. Prior to that, she has held various roles within the business area Tax & Law in the Nordics. Until January 2020, she was Head of Law at EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, India and Africa). She began her career at EY as early as in 2002, when she through the merger between Andersen and EY in Norway became part of the new the company.

Christin graduated in law from the University of Oslo and is a member by the Norwegian Bar Association. She also has a doctorate in ethics with a theme within gender equality in top management from a Christian-ethical perspective.

Christin is concerned with diversity and inclusion at all levels, not least within management. She is the Nordic sponsor of EY’s Women. Fast Forward program and co-founder of the Oslo initiative Women.3, where the focus is on mentoring schemes for female leaders and potential leaders. She is also closely involved in EYs collaboration with SHE Community, an organization that supports women in leadership. EY and SHE Community have together launched SHE Index Powered by EY, a tool which quantifies the degree of equality between the sexes in business and which will contribute to more female leaders.

Tickets and participation

Tickets for the online event is still available. You can find all the information on tickets and how to register for ODA Inspiration Day 2022 here.


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