The winners of the ODA Awards 2022

ODA-Nettverk, the Nordic region’s leading voluntary network for women in the IT sector, annually selects Norway’s leading role models for gender equality in the technology industry. The prizes for 2022 were awarded on ODA Inspiration Day May 20.

Cecilia Flatum is ODA Awards Woman 2022

Cecilia Flatum has worked to promote diversity, equality, and inclusion for almost 20 years. Through debates, podcasts, lectures, and her blog, she has used her voice to be an advocate for the benefits of diversity. At Deloitte, she has introduced ambitious KPIs and implemented actions on diversity and inclusion in all parts of the organization. The share of female partners and directors has increased under her management, and the management team now consist of 50% women. Cecilia is considered a role model with a passion for fostering a workplace and a society where everyone feels free to be exactly who they are.

Nicolai Tangen is ODA Awards Man 2022

Nicolai Tangen is a strong advocate for diversity and gender balance. Through both LinkedIn and his podcast “In Good Company”, he sets a new standard for transparent leadership that is inspirational and inclusive. Nicolai supports the development of female employees into senior roles in management and actively encourages them to be visible and share their knowledge through networks and presentations. Through Nicolai’s leadership and strategic work of promoting gender balance, NBIM has increased the share of women, where 37% of new employees to the tech division are women. Nicolai has clearly emphasized that everyone is accountable for working towards greater diversity.

Schneider Electric is ODA Awards Organization 2022

Schneider Electric Norway has promoted diversity and inclusion as its core values whilst based in a traditional and male-dominated industry. From 2016 to 2018, the company doubled its share of women from 14% to 28%. Today, the share has further increased to 30%. In 2019, Schneider Electric Norway appointed its first female CEO. The company now boasts a top management team with a 40% share of women and 30% women in management positions. Acknowledged by publications including Financial Times and Bloomberg, Schneider Electric has established itself as a role model both locally and globally in its contribution to the transformation of a traditional industry.

About the ODA Awards

In order to achieve ODA’s goal of 40 percent women in the technology industry, it is necessary for men and women to work together across age, background, and competence. To contribute to this goal, the ODA Awards is given in recognition of the purposeful work done by organizations and individuals to increase diversity in the technology industry.

All the winners have in common that they are good ambassadors for the values ​​of ODA: Inspiration, Bravery, Empowerment, and Passion.

The prize was first awarded in 2009 to Kjersti Wiklund and has since gone to inspiring women, men, and companies from the technology industry. For a complete overview of the previous winners, you can see an overview here.

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