Unlock the Secrets of Decision-Making at ODA Inspiration Day 2024 

As the world grapples with increasing complexity and information overload, mastering the art of decision-making has never been more crucial.

Given its universal relevance, ODA Inspiration Day will this year dive into this topic that impacts us all. As Kine Dahl, the ODA-Network Chair puts it; «What took you here will not necessarily take you there».

The foundations on which we make strategic choices have changed. There are rarely any blueprints anymore. Either in life, leadership or business, Dahl says.

Photo: Kine Dahl, Chair of ODA-Network.

So how are we then to manage decision-making? On a business level, we need to consider going from an either-or approach to having a both-and approach, the ODA-Network Chair says and explains further.

«It is about balancing growth with sustainability. Profit and social responsibility. The skills of critical thinking, inclusion, adaptability and contextual problem-solving are fundamental for good decision-making. As individuals, we need to connect to our values and be open to new possibilities. Lead the change in your own life.»

People attending this year’s event will hear from leading experts to uncover hidden biases, both conscious and unconscious, that influence our decisions. The speakers will explore practical frameworks and tools, including the latest advancements in AI. All to make us better at understanding ourselves and the decisions we make daily.

Photo: Guro Sandersen, Leader of ODA Inspiration Day and Co-chair of ODA-Network.

Guro Sandersen, Leader of ODA Inspiration Day and ODA-Network Co-chair says she and the rest of ODA-Network are super excited about this year’s topic.

«We’re diving deep into the decision-making process and exploring practical tools for improvement. Understanding these aspects is crucial in navigating today’s intricate landscape, as it impacts everyone involved. Making good decisions should therefore be viewed as a critical life skill,» Guro says.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired and challenged, expand your skill set, gain invaluable insights, connect with like-minded professionals, and learn the secrets to better decision-making in today’s digital age. We look forward to seeing you at ODA Inspiration Day on June 6th!

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