Nils Tore Meland is coming to ODA Inspiration Day 2024

Nils Tore Meland was a respected Officer in Forsvaret and now works as an organizational psychologist, known across Norway for his innovative work in leadership development. His unique mix of military discipline and psychological knowledge has made a big difference in how leadership is taught at Hærens Krigsskole and in his role as a consultant for organisations. Meland has helped shape over a thousand leaders from all sorts of businesses and public services, making a real impact on their ability to lead.

Meland has a knack for breaking down complex ideas into something everyone can understand and enjoy. He uses stories and real-life examples to explain things, which makes his teaching very engaging. He’s especially interested in why we make the decisions we do and has explored this in his book, «A Good Decision – 7 steps to choose right.» The book is full of funny yet educational stories about the mistakes smart people can make when deciding.

We’re excited to announce that Nils Tore Meland will be speaking at ODA Inspiration Day 2024 on June 6th, at the Oslo Concert Hall and online. He will be talking about how to make better decisions, which is something that can really help us all, whether in leadership or in daily life.

For more details and registration, visit ODA Inspiration Day 2024 >


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