Inspirasjonsdagen: The biggest ODA happening of the year!

Inspirasjonsdagen is the biggest diversity and tech conference of the year. The conference will take place virtually Friday 7th of May in collaboration with Oslo Business Forum. With Inspirasjonsdagen 2021 being a virtual event, our audience is unlimited. Guests can join from anywhere in the world, and from the comfort of their own homes.

When: 7th of May 9:00am – 1:00pm CET
Where: Online

Inspirasjonsdagen focuses on technology, leadership, inspiration, and networking across the industry. Join our fellow thought leaders, recognized speakers, partners, and industry experts to discover how together we can address challenges and build inclusive technology cultures that reflect a diverse technology workforce and eliminate the gender gap in tech. Interact with exciting tech companies that collaborate with ODA as well as other participants online, and expand your network at this year’s Inspirasjonsdag!

This year’s theme: Digital Divide

Technology is moving faster than ever before, and the Covid-19 crisis has sped up the digital transformation and transformed businesses forever. With increased digitalization, the gap between those who take part in the digital journey and those who are left outside to experience digital exclusion also increases. At Inspirasjonsdagen 2021 we take a closer look into the challenges of the Digital Divide and address how we can close it.

Featured Speakers

Hear the thoughts of recognized speakers, industry leaders and authors at ODA’s virtual Inspirasjonsdagen 2021 Digital Divide.

Karen Dolva, Co-Founder and CEO at No Isolation
Caroline Farberger, CEO of ICA Insurance
Kjell A. Nordström, Swedish economist, management thinker and best-selling author
Birgitte Bryne, Chief Operating Officer at Norges Bank, and Nicolai Tangen, Chief Executive Officer at Norges Bank
Jo Nesbø, one of the world’s bestselling crime writers

Inspirasjonsdagen 2021 is led by Julia Paulsen, Director of Ecommerce Nordics at Elkjop Nordic AS, and Javad Mushtaq, Multi-award winning social entrepreneur, early stage impact investor, systems leader and diversity pioneer.

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