ODA Champions Award 2024 Finalists

Since its establishment in 2009, ODA-Nettverk has awarded dedicated work supporting gender equality and diversity within the tech industry.

This year, we are revitalizing the ODA Awards, adopting a gender-neutral approach and implementing new categories. The ODA Champions Award will be presented for the first time. This award will be given to the organization that demonstrates exemplary commitment to fostering diversity and inclusivity, thereby effecting substantial positive change.

The winner will be announced at ODA Inspiration Day on June 6. The finalists are:

The finalists of ODA Champions Award 2024

Candidate 1: Cegal

Cegal is a global technology company, specializing in energy. They deliver cloud operations services, industrial software, and data management services. Through initiatives like the Women@Cegal network and their Sustainability Award recognition, the company actively champions diversity. From inclusive hiring practices to leadership accountability, their sustained efforts are evident in achieving a balanced representation across demographics and in their leadership team.

The company prioritizes internal diversity and shares its experiences with other companies, both within and outside its industry, through platforms like the ODA network and Equality Check. By actively promoting transparency and collaboration, Cegal sets a benchmark for fostering inclusive workplaces, driving positive change across the tech landscape.

Cegal leverages diversity and inclusion to enhance customer solutions, exemplified by collaborations like Microsoft Energy Data Services, which benefit from diverse perspectives. By ensuring inclusivity in product development, Cegal delivers more comprehensive and effective solutions, ultimately enriching experiences for employees and customers.

Candidate 2: Evidi

Evidi, a consultancy firm formed from a merger in 2022, fosters a culture of curiosity and teamwork, championing diversity beyond traditional boundaries. Their CEO, Jørn Seglem, sets new standards by forging socially beneficial partnerships towards inclusion and ensuring inclusion in the industry. Their commitment transcends demographics, driving innovation and shaping future solutions.

With focused efforts, Evidi has significantly increased female representation, both in recruitment and in female leadership. This diversity not only boosts morale but also enhances the quality of solutions, aligning with complex client needs.

Evidi actively shares its expertise and values, fostering collaboration within and beyond the industry. From ODA network events to collaborations with partners like Amesto Aces, Evidi’s inclusive approach ensures diverse perspectives shape impactful solutions for today’s challenges.

Candidate 3: Frontkom

Frontkom is a fast-growing digital agency. They promote diversity and inclusion through a flat organizational structure and collaborative projects spanning multiple countries and backgrounds. Concrete actions are implemented in a systematic way to ensure continuous improvement and meaningful outcomes.

Frontkom´s collaboration with developers from diverse backgrounds enriches their projects with fresh insights and unique perspectives. Additionally, the company is committed to providing opportunities for career changers and individuals seeking a second chance, offering them a platform to thrive.

Frontkom actively shares its experiences through industry conferences, employee initiatives, LinkedIn updates, and community events, fostering engagement and dialogue. Their dedication to diversity and inclusion not only enriches their team but also drives innovation, delivering better solutions for clients and users alike.

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