ODA Techie Award 2024 Finalists

Since its establishment in 2009, ODA-Nettverk has awarded dedicated work supporting gender equality and diversity within the tech industry.

This year, we are revitalizing the ODA Awards, adopting a gender-neutral approach and implementing new categories. The ODA Techie Award will be presented for the first time. The award is given to a passionate technology enthusiast, who challenges and pioneers in their tech role, being committed to sharing expertise and making an impact on the development of the technology.

The winner will be announced at ODA Inspiration Day on June 6. The finalists are:

The finalists of ODA Techie Award 2024

Candidate 1: Cathrine Wilhelmsen

Cathrine Wilhelmsen‘s journey as a technology enthusiast began at a young age, mastering HTML and CSS by the age of 10. Over her 14-year career in Azure Data and the Microsoft Data Platform, she has evolved into a sought-after solutions architect and developer, challenging norms and pioneering innovative solutions, and recognized as a Microsoft MVP since 2015.

Cathrine’s influence extends beyond her technical prowess. She captivates audiences on major tech stages in the USA and Europe, demonstrating her commitment to knowledge sharing. Co-founding the Fabric February conference in 2023 with Marthe Moengen and Emilie Rønning underscores her leadership and dedication to fostering community and collaboration in the tech industry. Cathrine’s authenticity in sharing both triumphs and challenges resonates deeply, inspiring others to pursue their passions and embrace opportunities for growth.

Cathrine’s enthusiastic approach to sharing technical skills, coupled with her commitment to openness and passion, sets her apart as an inspiring figure, paving the way for aspiring female technologists. Cathrine’s leadership, innovation, and dedication to empowering others make her a worthy candidate for recognition.

Candidate 2: Ginevra Jakobsen-Testa

Ginevra Jakobsen Testa has shown remarkable efforts in championing low-code technology and data-driven insight, with the end user at the steering wheel. As the driving force behind Bouvet’s low-code technology division, she extends her influence beyond the organization, delivering compelling presentations and courses for institutions like the Norwegian Data Association, Microsoft Norway, and Oslo Municipality. Her expertise and drive have been a significant contribution to Helseetaten’s platform for application development and information management, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and nowadays in the landscape of helping aids.

Her impact transcends technical excellence; she embodies a commitment to inclusivity and knowledge dissemination. Not only does she excel as a developer, but she also provides training and support in Power Platform utilization, earning praise from Helseetaten for her operational and supportive approach. Ginevra demystifies low-code technology, making it accessible and empowering for all. Her dedication to sustainability and long-term strategies underscores her holistic approach to technology adoption and workforce development, rooted in systems thinking.

Ginevra’s blend of interdisciplinary perspective, professional experience, and creative flair not only inspires her colleagues but also propels innovation in Bouvet and the wider IT industry. Her commitment to empowering others highlight her as a true role model.

Candidate 3: Ingrid Kindem

Ingrid Kindem is the Platform Engineer Lead at the VR startup, Naer. She is nominated due to her exceptional ability to leverage technology to achieve business objectives and her impressive talent in translating these goals into technical strategy and tactical implementation. With a background in various tech-lead roles at Askeladden & Co, functioning as both project leader and full-stack developer, Ingrid has showcased her capability to deliver substantial results while promoting diversity and inclusion in the tech and entrepreneurial industries.

Her transition to the VR startup Naer further examplifies her technical prowess and leadership, where she single-handedly manages the development and responsibility of a web app, API, and backend. She has developed innovative solutions unprecedented in the field and strives to simplify the use of VR in everyday work processes. Ingrid’s outstanding technical skills, leadership, and dedication to diversity make her an inspiration to other women to pursue careers in technology and challenge existing norms.

Ingrid Kindem, with her remarkable technical abilities, innovative mindset, and commitment to diversity, is an exemplary role model in the technology industry, showcasing the potential for women to excel and lead in this field.

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