ODA Change-maker Award 2024 Finalists

Since its establishment in 2009, ODA-Nettverk has been awarded dedicated work supporting gender equality and diversity within the tech industry.

This year, we are revitalizing the ODA Awards, adopting a gender-neutral approach and implementing new categories. The ODA Change-maker Award will be presented for the first time. The award is given to the brave everyday hero who champions change, demonstrates courage and confidence while fostering positive change and showing that achieving the impossible is indeed possible.

The winner will be announced at ODA Inspiration Day on June 6. The finalists are:

The finalists of ODA Change-maker Award 2024

Candidate 1: Christian Kongolo

Christian Kongolo is a Senior Consultant at EY, and a catalyst for change in the finance industry, advocating tirelessly for diversity and inclusion. Drawing from his own experiences navigating the challenges of a multicultural background, he actively promotes a more diverse workforce, recognizing the inherent value it brings.

As a Senior Consultant at EY, Christian leads by example, engaging his colleagues through initiatives like the «Say Hi» campaign, which fosters communication and inclusivity within the workplace. Beyond EY, Christian’s dedication extends to his work with “Finans4alle”, where he addresses barriers faced by multicultural individuals entering the finance sector.

His regular contributions to E24’s «Helt sjef» section further amplify his message, shaping the discourse on career, work life, and diversity. Through courage, confidence, and unwavering dedication, Christian inspires hope and demonstrates that meaningful change is achievable, making him an influential figure in the journey towards a more equitable future.

Candidate 2: Monika Anna Swiderska

Monika Anna Swiderska, a Project Leader in Equinor, embodies courageous leadership and inclusivity in the company, where she has made a remarkable impact despite her relatively short tenure of two years. Transitioning to Norway with no prior experience in the country, she swiftly adapted, assuming the role of Scrum Master and spearheading the implementation of Agile principles to enhance efficiency and deliver cutting-edge geospatial solutions.

Monika’s proactive approach extends beyond her immediate duties, as evidenced by her adept management of significant events like «Data Day 2022» and her creation of initiatives such as Coffee Roulette, fostering connections and well-being among colleagues.

Her commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is evident in her efforts to promote networking and skill development, as well as her establishment of a Toastmasters International club, providing a supportive platform for communication and leadership development. Monika’s unwavering dedication to driving positive change within Equinor reflects her status as a valuable asset to the organization and a source of inspiration for her colleagues.

Candidate 3: Stine Saatvedt

Stine Saatvedt, Customer Success Account Manager at Microsoft, exemplifies bravery, dedication, and commitment, both in her role and as the leader of the Women@Microsoft community.

With her can-do attitude and proactive approach, she consistently drives positive change within the organization, organizing events like the SHE conference and International Women’s Day to promote diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. Stine’s commitment to fostering a culture of equality and inclusion extends beyond her role, as she actively engages in innovative initiatives to empower all genders within Microsoft and beyond.

Her DEIB leadership at Microsoft demonstrates her unwavering passion for creating a more inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive. Through her efforts, Stine inspires her colleagues to embrace change and champion diversity, making her a true change-maker within the organization.

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